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7 cheap ways how to increase rental value

Here are a few simple rules and cheap ways on how to get the most of your rental place and increase it’s rental value. If you will follow them, you will rent it for a better price with minimal investments, without a need of refurbishment

1. Clean the place

This sounds like something obvious however it’s not. Getting rid of dirt and dust is important, but don’t forget small items like pens and papers lying on the table. Those should be having their own place. A lot of small things create chaotic messy perception. Unless you are a really good designer who knows how to handle so many

2. Choose the decoration wisely

Think of colours and set up of furniture, try to make the room brighter and bigger. Simple designs are better, make sure your sheets and curtains are nice and fit in the colours of the room. Keep in mind that less is more, don’t use too many decorations or colours and try to make it gender universal. A smart choice of decorations is one of many cheap ways how to increase rental value of your property.

3. Take advantage of your current state

Old is not necessarily bad, adjust the decoration to it. Small things can make a huge difference – paint the place, it will look even cleaner.

4. Quick fixes

A hole in the wall where used to be a nail to hang the photo? If you are on budget, do the small fixes that will make the biggest different. Your focus should be to make the first impression as good as possible. At the end of the day, the first impression is tremendously important when making a decision.

5. Photos

Catch the feeling. Make good photos that will catch the atmosphere of the room or house. Don’t photoshop place! You will have to show real room anyway and if the situation won’t be as on the pictures, you will be losing time by showing the room to someone who will not want it because it looked different on the pictures.

6. Check the prices in your neighbourhood

Find your benchmark. Always think of your place as you would like to rent it to yourself. Is that a reasonable price? What’s the situation on the market? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your place?

7. Show it to the people

Where are your customers looking for a place to stay? Are you on the right sites? Where would you go if will look for a place to live in?

Does it sound like a lot of work? Or are you too busy? Call us, we will be happy to help you and secure all of that for you. Send us photos of your place and we will send you independent cost estimation and the price for which you could rent your place after.

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