Roof refurbishment, Loft Conversion & Solar Panels

St. Albans Loft conversion, solar panels and roof refurbishment


Based on the poor state of the roof, the plan was to do the whole roof refurbishment and adding Velux windows on one side of the roof while creating loft conversion with a skylight on the other side and implementing solar panels to the sun facing side to increase energy efficiency.

Solar panels, loft conversion


The project was located in St. Albans and took 8 weeks from the start to completion. Thanks to punctual preparation and covering site well, we continued with our works even during heavy raining period and delivered whole project on time and with client's full satisfaction.


After the consultation client chose a slate roof which has a great durability. Loft conversion we built created extra space to the loft and solar panels we installed are an investment that will return to the client in few years. Thanks to 3 Velux windows on one side of the roof and skylight and another window on the other side, the whole loft area became very bright and full of daylight. As a result, making this loft sunny and bright allows using it for various purposes. Not just as a bedroom, but also as a office, library or playroom.


before cleaning, new roof, Velux windows
Skylight, loft conversion
Solar panels and loft conversion in St. Albans
Covered site. New roof with Velux windows.

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