New extension GRP flat roof comes with a 25 years warranty. It has a nice and clean finish. We chose fibreglass, as it is one of the most reliable materials you can choose for your flat roof. Fibreglass is characteristic by its strength, durability, water-resistance and chemical resistance. It is corrosion-free and it also provides electrical insulation and compared to steel or aluminium it is thermally insulating.

Flat roof Edgware fibreglass


Everyone loves a bit of natural light into the house and so do we. We undertake every project including installing a skylight in the fibreglass flat roof or a velux window in the pitch roof. The size of the roof or the position of it is not an obstacle for us. All members of our team are qualified and trained to be worksafe and achieve a brilliant finish. On the photo examples you can see a decent size skylight installed to bring as much light as possible into the property.

GRP fibreglass flat roof
Preparation for fibreglass roof


Roof leak inspections and repairs are common jobs that we deal with. Many of our projects have consisted starting from small leak repairs to the whole roof demolition and weather resistant remake. We make sure the leaks don't happen anymore and we can give a warranty for that.

house extension and renovation
skylight on house extension
house extension

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